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Matwork Pilates at West Pennant Hills.

 Pilates in west pennant hills

2023 - Term 4

Wednesday Nights -  8th Nov - 20th Dec - $30 per single class or $175 for 7 weeks

    5.55pm   Intermediate - 1 SpacesAvailable

    7.00pm   Beginners   - 4 Spaces Available


Improve your strength, flexibility, co-ordination, concentration, posture and balance with weekly Matwork Pilates Classes with Brett, an experienced Pilates Instructor of 19 years. Learn how to manage your tightnesses and tensions, your strengths and weaknesses, to maintain a better state of health and well being.

Matwork classes use a variety of small props each week to challenge your body and develop your Pilates skills, including stretchy bands, magic circles, soft balls, spiky balls, foam rollers, hand and ankle weights, hedgehogs, and even super bouncy balls! Classes are best booked in blocks to help maintain continuity of teaching and development and progression within the group. Maximum of 10 people in each class, to allow for quality of guidance and attentive instruction.


All classes are held in the Activities Room in the Community Centre, 42a Hill Road, West Pennant Hills.


To book your classes email;  

or call Brett on 0478 112 035




Beginner - if you have never done Pilates, or you have done a little Pilates before, this is the best place to start. Pilates is all about technique, learning how your body moves, how your body feels, your awareness of your body in space, and how we can improve movement to create greater flexibility and strength, a more balanced body with healthier joints, and to address faulty movement patterns that may be causing wear and tear within the body. In bringing balance back to the body, we can help alleviate common postural niggles, tensions and pains. Throughout the term, we will cover everything you need to know to get you into Pilates safely and knowledgeably. The course starts with a focus on breathing and core engaging, and builds week on week, progressively challenging your body and your mind, and the integral connection between the two. We will use resistance bands and other small props to help promote a deep connection to the exercises and a balanced understanding of the fundamentals of Pilates.

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Improver -  after you have completed a Beginner block of classes, this level is for you. Having established a good foundation in the Pilates Technique, exercises will start to become more challenging. If you have had some Pilates experience in the past with no current / major injuries , or perhaps you have had a long break from Pilates, this is a great level to get re-acquainted.

Pilates retreat


Intermediate  the degree of skill within the exercises will increase, demanding more of your strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and endurance!!!!

Pilates retreat


Advanced - if you have at least 3 years previous experience in Pilates and are fit and healthy with no injuries or major health concerns, this is the class for you!!!  There will always be a strong element of fundamental technique in all classes, but once this has been established classes will get more challenging quite quickly, moving deeper into the more demanding Classical Repertoire.    Pilates Pilates at west pennant hills

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Classical Pilates Masterclass - this class comprises the 36 exercises of the Classical Pilates Matwork sequence. No acute injuries allowed in this class. 5 years minimum experience.


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