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About Me

My name is Brett, and I am a Pilates Instructor. It wasn't always this way - I used to be a Chef. I worked for 5 years in Sydney, then moved to London, where I worked a further 2 years, before moving to Edinburgh, my home for the next 16 years. I came to Pilates in 2002. Working as a chef in commercial kitchens had taken its toll on my body, and I found Pilates helped me to manage my pain, giving me a better awareness of my posture during those long hours of standing in the kitchen, and the tools to help undo the daily stress done to my body through repetative manual actions and working in the harsh environment of the kitchen.

After a year and a half of Pilates classes, I decided I wanted to become an Instructor. I wanted to share the benefits I had experienced with others, especially people caught in the same cycle of pain I had been in. In 2004 I qualified at a Beginners Matwork level, and quickly went on to fulfill the requirement for teaching at an Intermediate level, and then in due time I received my full 'Master Matwork Teacher' qualification, enabling me to teach Pilates to a Full Classical Level - the pinicle of Matwork Pilates. I hung up my tongs in 2005, and have been a full time Pilates Instructor since. I attended yearly Development Weekends consisting of a variety of lectures and workshops, as well as other Matwork related courses over the years, specialising in neck pain, lumbar pain / back pain, shoulder dysfunction, myofascial systems of the body, as well as use of all the small apparatus, including the Foam Roller, the Toning Circle, the Swiss Ball, Triad Ball, and many more. I have also attended courses in Pilates for Pregnancy, and have worked with many clients in varying stages of MS.


I am also a fully qualified Studio Instructor, and I aim to soon open a Pilates Studio in the Hills area. All of my training was undertaken in the UK with between the years of 2003 - 2013. I continue to develop my skills where-ever possible, whether that be through my own practice, working with my clients, or doing courses on Pilates and related subjects. In 2014 I attended a course with Mary O'Dwyer, Women's Health Physiotherapist, Managing dysfunction in the pregnant and post partum pelvis. In 2015 I attended a similar course, Mastering the Martians, a day of Men's Pelvic Health, learning the latest in Pelvic Floor research for men, with the use of Realtime Ultrasound imagery to get the most out of Pelvic Exercises. I have also attended day courses with Pilates International and Polestar Pilates to continue to develop my teaching practices.


I am fully insured with Marsh Advantage and have met appropriate First Aid training requirements. If you have any questions about my training or experience, please feel free to ask.







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