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Iain Dunn, Pilates Teacher


'Brett Moremon is among those rare, gifted Pilates teachers who naturally possess an abundance of the skills and instincts to excel in his work. He takes great joy and satisfaction in passing on his deep understanding and passion for movement. As a trainer he instills enthusiasm and positivity regardless of the challenges faced and the results his clients benefit from are the proof of the effectiveness of his work.


Brett’s great personal experience has given him a special insight into the body and mind connection and teaches to truly connect and rebalance the two. He supports his clients throughout their Pilates journey, sharing his great repertoire with generosity and kindness. His sense of professionalism is second to none, applying his own creative and inventive methods alongside the strictest application of the life works of Joseph Pilates and his apprentices. Brett’s teaching style is deeply rooted in the classic Pilates culture and he passes that on with love and respect.


Put simply his gift is inspiring others to strive to do their best for themselves. When I first met him I was struggling with a stubborn, debilitating form of chronic pain. I am extremely proud and fortunate to call him my first teacher and mentor, one who has truly earned his certified title of ‘Master Teacher’. From our first session onwards I was on the road to recovery and his passion for the Pilates Method was so infectious it quickly became a way of life for me also. In my own career as a teacher I constantly strive to uphold the very high standards he set both as an athlete and as a healer. Throughout our sessions he was genuinely committed to helping me towards my goals and his confidence, sincerity and strength was a huge boost in facing my own difficulties and setbacks.


Brett is such a committed and diverse teacher, who works with the perfect balance of personal compassion and effective, results driven Pilates teaching'.


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Judith Paterson

Chartered Physiotherapist

Director Balanced Physiotherapy Ltd



I had the pleasure of working alongside Brett in Edinburgh for over 2 years, commencing June 2011. I am the Director of a multi-disciplinary health clinic called Balanced Physiotherapy and share premises with Pilates Works, the company Brett was then employed by. Balanced Physiotherapy consists of almost 30 therapists and health care professionals including Physiotherapists; Osteopaths; Podiatrists; Massage Therapists; Nutritionists; and Orthopaedic Surgeons. The team at Balanced Physiotherapy regularly refer patients to the Pilates Works instructors and vice versa. This ensures an holistic approach to our clients healthcare and ongoing rehabilitation, all under one roof.


I have personally referred many of my patients to see Brett and found that he was incredibly insightful as to the problems they had and the most effective way to rehabilitate them. In fact, I saw Brett as another therapist, capable of assessing and treating patients with simple and complex muscle imbalances and offering them a programme that was challenging yet without exacerbating their symptoms. I also really liked the fact that Brett worked with the Anatomy Trains Approach as I do myself and found we had a common language there.


Brett’s unique approach to Pilates based rehabilitation allowed me to send him patients that not only needed to tone up and improve their core muscles but also those that were overworking and needed to de-activate muscles. He has always been particular to ensure that the patient is engaging just the right amount of muscle activity and that is why I was happy for him to work with clients at all stages in their rehabilitation including post-surgical patients and those with relatively acute pain or injuries. Brett is very capable of adapting his instruction to meet the needs of his clients and enjoys the challenge this brings.


*  *  *



Frances Cutts, Independent Recruitment Consultant



'I trained with Brett from 2011 till 2013 when he taught from the PIlates Works Studio, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.


While I had done some Pilates mat and studio work previously, I quickly realized that I had not received either the quality or level of instruction I was receiving from Brett. In that two and a half year period, averaging two sessions a week, I progressed from beginner to someone capable of achieving the more demanding Reformer and Cadillac exercises in addition to the full Classical Mat series.


Brett is a highly qualified instructor with some nine years’ teaching experience. He has an academic, but also deeply intuitive understanding of the body and that combined with his own personal healing experiences, make him keenly attuned to clients’ remedial needs. He is totally client focused and tailors tuition according to stated goals but always with flexibility, variety, challenge and creativity.


Despite his vast knowledge, he has a light, less- is-more approach to teaching, yet he is extremely attentive to the need for correction as appropriate. He is totally professional, committed, very motivational and great fun to work with. He will take you wherever you want to go with your PIlates and for me that was a very long way and I loved the journey. He is sorely missed in Edinburgh and any client will be lucky to have him'.



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