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Pilates Holidays in the French Alps.


         Alpine Pilates 2015 has now finished. For information

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In the summer of 2013 I ran my first Alpine Pilates Holiday. I had talked about organising such an event for a long time, and knowing that I was heading back to Australia in that year, I decided it was then or never! So in January I got the ball rolling, and by August we had a fully booked holiday. It was an absolutely amazing week, a fantastic group of like minded people, coming from all different walks of life, and from as far afield as Australia.



My goal for that week was to bring everything I had learned in the last 9 years, into one all encompassing comprehensive course, culminating in the Full Classical Matwork programme as left by Joseph Pilates. There was a range of clients on the holiday, from people I had taught for years, to some I had never met, and whom had never done Pilates before. So it was a big challenge for all of us, and everyone had their own experiences, epiphanies, accomplishments and personal bests!!



It wasn't all hard work though. After 3 years of visiting this region of the French Alps, and with some great contacts in the area, I had a good local insight into where to go and what to do, including a picnic in a stunning valley looking out to glaciers and mountains, a day trip to Italy to a famous spa, a trip to the wine fair up at Tignes, and a memorable tree top workout at the Parcour down the valley in Seez.



The Tarentaise area is very special to me, and often overlooked in the European summer as a holiday destination. There is something about the energy of the mountains that envelopes the soul, engages the senses, and leaves you feeling invinceable. The dizzying heights, the majestic mountains and the Alpine fresh air are perfect for cleansing and connecting the mind and the body. As for doing a Pilates class everyday?? The benefits are magnified 7 fold. I was amazed and of course incredibly pleased to hear clients redefining their new personal bests day after day, acheiving things they never had been able to do before.



Read this article from 2013 written by Kate Birch for Friday Magazine;


In 2014 we had a new studio, equipped with a Reformer, offering individual sessions. We were a smaller group and the week was tailored to the needs of each person. It was an excellent week, once again with some personal bests coming from the clients. It was amazing to be back in the French Alps, and to share my love of the area with 2014's new clients. 


2015 saw a whole new group of clients, and as a result,  new challenges. After 3 years of Alpine Pilates, it still excites me how Pilates can bring a group of strangers together so quickly. I look forward to seeing what 2016 brings!



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