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Welcome to aka Pilates.

aka Pilates is the culmination of over 9 years of teaching Pilates to people of all wlaks of life. During these years, I have worked with athletes such as runners, golfers, curlers, triathletes, rugby coaches, tennis players, and many more. I have also worked with clients who were struck by illness or injury such as MS, stroke, cerebral paulsy, cancer, and ME. I have helped rehabilitate clients after surgeries such as hip replacement, knee replacements, spinal surgeries, breast cancer related surgeries, and many others. And of course, I have worked with many people who wanted to do Pilates to feel healthier, to destress, to give themsleves some time. Whether the goal was moving away from a tough situation, or moving toward a better situation, it became apparent to me that there were three fundamental principles that increased the rate of success in reaching goals.






It is also through my own experience, that I have found these three tools to be invaluable. And when one is missing, success is that little less likely.


Attitude - when we have a goal we want to acheive, we have only one choice to make, move forward, or stay still. Of course, there are going to be stronger motivators for this, but the better the attitude, the more likely we will move toward that goal. And it is not just that fisrt step, it is a continuing belief, a focus on what we want to acheive, a belief that we are already acheiving, with each step taken, with each positive re-enforcement. Limiting beliefs hold us back from moving in the direction we want to be heading. Becoming aware of these, and being more aware of our attitude towards our goals, is for me, invaluable.


Knowledge - often when we suffer an injury, it is a lack of prior knowledge in the first face that creates the issue. Understanding how the injury occured is a great step in the right direction. Gaining a more global understanding of the big picture helps even more, remove the cause, and there will be no symptom. Understand why the challenge arrises, and evert it. Think of it as pre-habiltation.


Application - knowledge without application is useless. Its that simple.


For me, it is a simple equation, and it only works. A positive attitude, sound knowledge and application of that knowledge keeps me strong, healthy, peaceful and happy, and it is under this phylosophy that I approach my teaching through Pilates.


Then of course, there is always the idea of 'also known as'. Throughout my 9 years of learning in the feild of Pilates and associated bodys of work, there has been a weaving of complimentary ideas. Some of the techniques  that have influenced my Pilates teaching include;


- myofascial merridians

- chi kung and the use of energy

- NLP (neuro linguistic programming)

- Feldnekrais

- The Franklin Method

- a multitude of teachers all of whom have their own useful insights into the human body and movement





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